The City No Longer Forsaken

"They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted." ~Isaiah 62:12

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Psalm 139:1-18 as written by my Beginner Bible students

God, you know me completely.
All day you know my behavior. You can understand about me anywhere.
You see me everywhere. You know everything I do.
You even know my future.
You sometimes guide me and sometimes watch me.
You comfort me by your hand.
This makes me happy!

You are everywhere. I cannot escape from you.
Whether I go to the right place or the wrong place, you always help me there. Even after I die you are with me.
From the ocean to heaven your hand will strongly catch me and support me and you will lead me.
If I try to get in a bad place you will find me.
You can find me anywhere.
It doesn't matter if it's dark or light.

You made me very carefully in the inside of my mother's body.
Life is really wonderful and complicated! What a great work you did!
You knew me from the beginning of my making, in which I was completely alone.
You saw me before I was born. You know every action, past, present, and future, I will do. You investigated all my actions before the world was created.
Your thoughts are very precious! It's impossible to count them.
I have no way to know the specific number of your thoughts, there are lots of them! When I go to paradise, you are always beside me.

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