The City No Longer Forsaken

"They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted." ~Isaiah 62:12

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I got to take a Japanese class!!!

So, in the past few weeks I went from thinking I might be going to Hong Kong...and then I figured out I probably wasn't going to Hong Kong...and then I went on vacation, had a wonderful time with my friend Haidee, got to go visit my uncle with Leukemia in the hospital and be encouraged by his heart and spirit in the middle of something that's got to be kind of scary, and spent several days with my mom and sister at my 92-year-old grandpa's house. On Sunday I take off again with the family for Utah and Colorado to see national parks and my dad's family. There is my 2 second update.

The night I got home from all my travelling, I had a conversation with a friend that kicked me into high action mode again. Not to say that running around the nation visiting people isn't high action...but that kind of action gear that I kick into when I have a vision.

And so...the next day, I found myself hardcore spending time with well as making myself a budget, planning my next move, and searching for an online Japanese class.

Tonight I tried my first online Japanese class for the trial price of $3 for 50 minutes. I tried the Beginner 2 level, which still uses a textbook and should be about JLPT 3kyu level. The class was super structured and quite easy...a very safe place to pull out Japanese that's gotten a little rusty. And at the end the teacher recommended I try the next level up. But despite not learning too much that was new...I found myself glowing from head to foot once the class was over. The teacher is a Japanese person living in Japan. I'm excited to try the intermediate class next time and see if I get to talk freely more...even though I know I could use the structure of learning the grammar at the Beginner 2 level. But really, I can study grammar on my own. It was just so wonderful to speak Japanese!

Today I also made the semi-decision that when I move to the Twin Cities I'm going to move by train. The train system in America is ridiculously lacking...and I want to do whatever possible to support it. So, the plan I am super excited about is to buy a 15 day rail pass and travel to the Twin Cities in the following way: Denver-->Sacramento-->Portland-->Seattle-->Glacier National Park-->Minneapolis. This is less than half the cost of renting a car, will allow me to see my Northwest friends, get the nice long processing time I have been longing for, get some possible quality time with beautiful scenary in Montana...I've never been to Glacier before...I can bring slightly more luggage than on an airplane...and I get to support the American train system all at the same time.'s been so good to be able to spend the past two days more or less withdrawn and with God. I can never sing enough praises for the way a day with God changes absolutely everything. Like the entire world goes from being this threatening thing that's trying to beat me up to a place that seems to just radiate with possibilities and His presence. The problems don't necessarily go away, but it's like they change from giants into mice. And then I can laugh at them. ^_~

This entry feels splattered all over the place, but that's kind of what my brain has been doing the past few days anyway.


fletch said...

Congrats on finding a good Japanese class! That is neat. It is like a little taste of "home" even at "home". :-) Nobody else might understand that, but I think you do. What does the move to the Twin Cities signify? Studies? Job? Just a move?

astera said...

I do understand that. :)

I went to college in Minnesota and have two very close friends living in the Cities. There's also a church there that I've been listening to sermons from most of the time I was in Japan...not to mention that it's where my church provides temporary housing for missionaries. So, a good direction to take my transitioning.

Carol Becker said...

ooh you are going to the Twin Citites sweet! I love that you are taking the train too...I totally want to travel that way when I go back too :) blessings!