The City No Longer Forsaken

"They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted." ~Isaiah 62:12

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids make me happy, plus more transitional ramblings

On Saturday, the ELCA missionaries got together to have lunch, kind of to recognize me and also the new J3s who have finished language training and will be starting their assignments soon. The highlight of this time for me was teaching Aaron's daughter Cassidy how to do a headstand. I just can't help it...after several years of coaching beginner gymnastics, I see a kid trying to stand on their head with their hands by their ears and I have to help them learn how to balance. :-)

Anyway...apparently I made a friend. During church today, I received these notes in sequence. The last one was my very favorite. :-)

Tonight I rented a movie on itunes about three soldiers who are returning home from Iraq. I mostly got it because I figured I would be able to identify very well with the return culture shock. There were a couple really good return culture shock moments, but my favorite part was when they were in Colorado. There was dust blowing around. I realized I haven't been anywhere dry enough for there to be dust blowing around in about two and a half years. And something else really strange...they were outside in the Rockies, and I realized the sound their feet made on the ground was was the crunch of dry pine needles on mountain soil. It's comforting in a way. Today, I finished my last human-given responsibilities in Japan, with the exception of moving myself out. It was nice to feel a longing for home. I'm excited to sit up on a mountain where the air is fresh and dry and the ground crunches and dust blows around and gets in your eyes...I'm excited to see the sky jam packed with stars...and I can't wait to go back to a small town pace of life if only for a little while...

I guess what all of that means is that I'm finally letting go...I've been letting go for several months now as God has gently helped me pry away one finger at a time, but it's to the point where I dare to let my heart remember some things it loves about home. I don't know if that seems like a big step to anyone else, but I was surprised to find that my heart had made it.

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Rachel Koniar said...

Can't wait to see you! I hope you are planing on a stop in Minnesota soon.